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Hello everyone who is visiting my little site! This is the bio, and I suppose I'm supposed to tell you all a few things about myself, this could be short! My name is Patricia. I'm from Minnesota originally, and really don't know why I'm now residing here in FL. I think I just got cold...and wet...and, yep, that's about it. I'm sort of a weirdo, as many of my pals will confirm, but not in that creepy way, just sort of generally silly and frumpy weird. This whole faery art thing is just a part of my personality that has recently come into the light. I don't really dig your "classic" faery stuff, but love the image, and whimsy, so I took them out of the forest and put them into the concrete jungle of the modern city, specifically Minneapolis Minnesota. I think they like it there, though some of them struggle with finding a place to sleep at night, and the occasional substance abuse. Generally the girls are really just adjusting to their new environment, so you'll have to be patient with them if they seem a bit snooty, or freeked out.
Um, lets see. I'm 21 years old, and still can't spell for shit, so that's sort of something you'll have to deal with (sorry!), but I do have my grammar and spelling nazi's watching over my shoulder, so it wont be too bad. I'm a scorpio (no NOT an Evil sex crazed maniac, thank you very much!) owed to the stars! I like to say funny words, like poop. God I love that word! And mesh. That ones good if your grouchy, try it sometime-mesh, mesh, mesh.
Well Gods, I just dont have much else to say about my bad self. Come back and visit whenever you like, the girls and I will be here. And there will eventually be a lot more of my friends in the city on the site.
Bye now, stay hip with your crazy beat!