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06:18:02 Photo gallery added, thanks to Wal-Mart...
06:11:02 Many new Inks added to Art page
06:02:02 Order form added! Prints for sale and soon T-Shirts!
05:29:02 The next convention Angel and I are attending is Necronomicon, October 4-6, 2002 in Tampa, FL.
05:25:02 Brand New images added!
05:23:02 Playing around with a new medium black ink oh so fun...
05:18:02 Several new images added to art gallery, 24 in total now. A new link to another artist added to links page. 
05:10:02 Bio updated.
05:06:02 Hello all! This is just to let you know about any up and coming super cool, freekishly neat things going on this summer in regards to my work. Time is flying by, and already Angel, the grammar nazi/coolest furry art chick I have ever met and I have attended the Oasis Art Show in Orlando. Also,  I am heading out of the Florida scene for about six weeks this summer for some excitement up in the north land of Minnesota. I've just designed the cover art for my dear friend Joe Babcock's new novel, The Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers. It was super fun, and if you're interested in the cover, you can get either the book or poster, just go to In regards to that, he and I will be attending the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN, where we will be signing, selling, and displaying the book, posters, and some of my work. It's a really good way to support the GLBT community, so if you're up there, keep a look out for us! Other than that, I plan on hitting a lot of outdoor festivals, art fairs, and local coffee houses, so keep your eyes peeled. I'll keep all you crazy cats informed!
05:06:02 Four more images added to the art gallery.
05:05:02 Most of Urban Bog main pages uploaded. Art gallery currently holds nine images. Bio section and links started.