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In this section you will find some silly photos of me and my friends. I hope you enjoy them and don't find them too offensive. I will be updating this section occasionally!

A few pictures of me feeling a little Schizo
Me and my Hat
Hanging out in the Drainpipe
Me With Pals 
Me and Panda
Arphalia and I at Kool Beanz
Joseph and I playing in Winter

Freaks I Play With! 
Pals I party with when I'm up north
My Bamboo Muse
Big Brain Comics Girl - Nesser
Davey fails to sell at the Market
Arphalia at the Market
Davey and the Spirits
More Pals I party with up north
Boy in the Wall
Author and dear friend (in his blue blockers!) - Joe Babcock
Davey and Nessa befriending a Lighthouse